Redefining Autoimmunity.

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NOVA View®

NOVA View is the first automated digital IFA microscope to receive FDA clearance for detection of antinuclear antibodies.

  • NOVA View automatically acquires and presents digital images of HEp-2 cells for operator review and confirmation
  • NOVA View recognizes and displays mitotic cells and identifies five common ANA patterns
  • Single well titer prediction can reduce IFA workload and lower material costs
  • NOVA Lite® DAPI ANA Kit provides optimal clinical sensitivity and specificity, and excellent agreement with manual IFA
  • DAPI stain provides built-in control to visualize cells in a negative well
  • Calibration technique facilitates standardization

Step confidently into the future of digital IFA with NOVA View.
Image Analysis

NOVA View uses computer algorithms to provide consistent results


NOVA View uses digital technology to create images of stained HEp-2 wells, and computer algorithms to measure the nuclear light intensity within individual cells.

Agreement with Manual IFA

NOVA View offers excellent agreement with manual HEp-2 results


Proprietary slides are used to calibrate NOVA View instruments to provide consistent light intensity and image quality.

1. NOVA Lite DAPI ANA Kit direction insert
2. Data on file

Economic Benefits

NOVA View single well titer reduces the overall number of HEp-2 wells used


Example in a laboratory with an average volume of 100 ANA tests per day, a 20% positive rate, 5% of which are mixed patterns, performing 5 dilutions per well

In this example, NOVA View has the potential to reduce the total number of IFA wells by 48%.

The Integrated Lab

The Integrated Lab


The Integrated Lab represents a new standard for improving workflow efficiencies in the autoimmunity laboratory. NOVA View is a key component in the Integrated Lab for automating IFA testing.

Inova Diagnostic instruments are connected together by QUANTA Link®, a data management software program that exchanges data with the laboratory information system.  The instruments and software that make up the Integrated Lab encompass:

The Integrated Laboratory provides particular benefits for IFA testing:

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