Our values are at the heart of everything we do

Delivery of Results Quality & Excellence, Customer Focus
We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations and going the extra mile that sets up apart from others.

Leadership, Management,Teamwork, and Innovation
We are dedicated to solid leadership, collaborative teamwork and innovation as it is the catalyst for the growth and success of our business. 

Integrity, Honesty & Humility, Respect for People
We always live up to our words. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We are direct and straightforward and we deliver according to the expectations we have generated.


Redefining autoimmunity with innovative systems and reagents

Inova continues to strive to be innovative in both it’s systems and assays, accomplished through great leadership and employees. 

Innovation is a mind set not a skill, are you like-minded?  


People First

We want our employees to have a happy work-life balance. Our benefits are based on the philosophy that taking care of our people is good for all of us. We know that everyone is different, so what we offer is constantly evolving based on employee needs and feedback.

At Inova, we know that having fun is important too!

From health and wellness programs to holiday celebrations and development opportunities, we provide a wide range of activities to keep our enthusiasm and energy high.


Company Culture

Career Opportunities

Why work at Inova Diagnostics?

At Inova Diagnostics, we are a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of autoimmune disease reagents and systems. With a global focus, and a deep commitment to professional development, we invite you to explore the opportunity for a rewarding, successful career with us.