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QUANTA-Lyser® 3000


  • A new dimension in EIA/IFA processing to increase your lab’s productivity

    • Safeguards reagent and patient traceability to ensure integrity of results
    • High throughput processing with 240 sample capacity and 4 independent probes
    • Frees up valuable staff time by minimizing interventions
    • Eliminates disposable tips for significantly lower operating costs

    QUANTA-Lyser 3000 configuration

    Holds up to 240 samples, 6 EIA plates or 30 IFA slides, 2D barcode scanning camera


    Safeguards reagent traceability



    • Inova reagents contain a unique 2D barcode to record identity, lot number and expiration date
    • Positive reagent identification ensures result integrity
    • Precise 2-D barcode camera automatically scans and tracks identity, lot number and expiration date of Inova reagents
    • Positive reagent identification ensures result integrity


    For IFA processing




    • 2D camera automatically scans NOVA Lite IFA slides to ensure positive patient identification
    • IFA slide barcodes and automated scanning delivers a transcription free paperless laboratory operating environment 
    • 2 dual probes provide individual well washing for NOVA Lite IFA slides
    • Pipettes mounting media for IFA slides to minimize additional slide handling 


    Direct slide transfer to NOVA View



    • QUANTA-Lyser 3000 pipettes mounting media to safeguard cell integrity
    • A lid protects cells from ambient light after processing
    • A 5-slide carrier can be placed directly onto NOVA View to eliminate the need to handle individual slides
    • Coverslips are not needed when used with NOVA View


    The Integrated Lab


    • QUANTA-Lyser 3000 is an vital part of The Integrated Lab for processing  IFA slides and to generate EIA results
    • The instrument can be interfaced to the LIS through QUANTA Link or directly using ASTM communication format 

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